Monday, April 23, 2007

Going through data

The weather has kicked up a little bit today and while we still have clear skies the wind has strengthened and the chairs are sliding back and forth in the dry lab. The wind is supposed to drop back down again tomorrow which will be nice. Sliding back and forth makes typing a little challenging.

We have spent today going over data from the previous years' surveys to prepare for the upcoming mission. The map here shows the distribution of fish biomass around Wake Atoll from our previous surveys. The purple along the northern and western shores represents concentrations of grey reef sharks while the blue in the southwest represents several large schools of big-eye jacks. It will be interesting to see how our observations this year compare to the first round of data collected in 2005.

Well, it's about time for dinner out here. It looks like Mongolian B-B-Q tonight. The chief steward certainly knows how to keep us happy!


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