Wednesday, April 04, 2007

To Begin or Not to Begin

As some may have noticed, today is the 4th of April. The cruise was scheduled to depart on the 1st. While many have suggested April Fool's is no time to start a cruise, nevertheless ... something is amiss.

Following an 11am pre-cruise safety briefing on March 31 we were informed that the number 4 generator on the Hi'ialakai was not functioning properly and would need to be repaired prior to departure. Standby. Our current scheduled departure is April 16. What this means for the duration and itinerary for the mission, we are not yet sure.

While many were looking forward to an April 1 departure, I think many (including myself) are happy to have a few extra days to rest and prepare. 1 or 2 days would have been nice ... 16 is a little much.

I will try to keep everyone posted, however, and will be hoping for a sooner departure.